Teen Ministry

The teen years can be some of the most challenging and important years of a person’s life. During this season of life teens are developing habits, forming viewpoints, and setting the direction for the rest of their lives. In this crucial stage of life, teens need specific, spiritual guidance and encouragement. Our teen ministry is designed to help meet those needs by providing consistent Bible teaching, opportunities for service, and times of fellowship.

In this generation, we believe God is calling teenagers to focus on serving Him and on serving others. It is our desire to help teens grow in their walk with God as they discover and fulfill God’s will in their lives.

Get Involved

The key to growth in any stage of life is involvement, so we have designed a teen ministry that has plenty of opportunities to be involved. This ministry is less about keeping teens busy and more focused on helping them grow spiritually. If you have a teenager or you are a teenager, we invite you to consider some of these different ministries that are available to you.

Bible Teaching


This is our regular teen meeting that takes place during the school year on Sunday nights at 5:30. Teens are given a Truth Notebook and devotional book that is designed to help them grow in their walk with God and their knowledge of the truth. It includes scripture to memorize, pages for daily devotions, and sermon notes. The Truth program is also designed to encourage teens to be involved in the ministries of our church.

Sunday School

Our teen Sunday School is a great entry point for any teenager. Every Sunday we meet at 10am in the lower level of the church for a brief assembly with our Teen Director then teens go to smaller classes that are divided up by grade and gender. Here our teen workers teach them the Bible while seeking to build a relationship with each teen.


Many teens have never had the opportunity to be taught the truth of God’s Word in a one-on-one setting. During Sunday School we offer teens the opportunity to sit down with teen workers as they study and talk through a curriculum entitled “Stepping in the Light.” This curriculum covers basic Bible truths that can help teens to be grounded in the teachings of God’s Word.


During the summer, our teens meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 7 for a fun time together that includes Bible preaching from our Teen Director, games, and activities. This is a great opportunity for teens to stay connected during the summer months.

Service and Activities

Our teen ministry is just that, a ministry. Rather than focusing on playing games all the time we try to keep teenagers focused on God and others. That being said, we have all sorts of activities throughout the year — things like teen rallies, summer camps, special prayer meetings, scavenger hunts, and many others.

Ministry Trips

Every summer the teens who earn enough points in the Truth Notebook have an opportunity to go on a trip to help another church. On most of these trips the teens will be involved with running a Vacation Bible School, distributing gospel tracts, and other service projects at that church. These are great opportunities for teens to get to see other churches and be a vital part of helping those ministries. Every few years our Summer Ministry Trip is a missions trip. These trips help teens to see the needs around our country and around the world.

Summer Camp

Many teens have had their lives changed at camp because they are taken away from the usual distractions, so God is often able to speak to them more clearly. Camp is a great time for teens to build relationships in the teen ministry as well as grow in their own relationship with God.