Our Pastor

Pastor Jody Jenkins

Senior Pastor

Pastor Jody Jenkins was born and raised in Gray, Tennessee. Except for his college years, he has attended Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church his entire life. Jody accepted Christ as a young boy under the ministry of BRBC’s Pastor Emeritus Dr. Gene Lasley. The summer after his high school graduation, Jody surrendered to preach; however, he had already accepted a baseball scholarship from East Tennessee State University. After one year at ETSU, he followed the Lord’s leading and enrolled in Crown College, Powell, Tennessee. In May 2000, he graduated and joined BRBC as its staff evangelist. Over the course of the next eight years, he earned his Master’s and Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Ministry from Bethany Divinity College and Seminary.

In 2007, Preacher Lasley asked Jody to consider becoming his co-pastor while preparing to become his replacement upon retirement. After much prayer, Jody agreed. In 2009, after pastoring Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church for forty-six years, Preacher Lasley retired; and Jody became the thirty-first pastor of the oldest church in the state of Tennessee.

Pastor Jenkins is extremely grateful for the ministry of Preacher Lasley and desires to lead BRBC with the same biblical integrity exemplified by him. Pastor Jenkins is passionate about the Word of God and desires to see people in the Tri-Cities and around the world accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Pastor Jenkins met his wife, Becky, while they were both students at Crown College. As the child of missionaries, Mrs. Jenkins spent eight years in Mexico and three years in Italy. She graduated from Crown College in 1999. They were married at Buffalo Ridge on June 9, 2000. God has blessed their family with one son and three daughters. Their family desires to serve the Lord with the rest of their days on this earth.